The Squeeze is winning over some pretty impressive fans!

Bob Cotas, NBC Sports: “I loved it from the first tee to the 18th green.”
Al Michaels, NBC Sports: “McDonald and Michael Nouri turn in boffo performances. Sign them up for the sequal – now.”
Tom Watson, 8 Major Championship Wins: “THE SQUEEEZE is an enjoyable adventure into golf and big time gambling.”
Steve Wynn, Chairman, Wynn Reports: “If you like gambling, golf, and Las Vegas, you’ll love this movie.”
Tom Roy, NBC Sports: “It’s the first golf movie that depicts the game authentically.”
Phil Mickelson, 5 Major Championship Wins: “It hooks you in the beginning and stays entertaining right to the end.”
Judy Rankin, Golf Commissioner: “Incredible. A must see movie.
Jim Nantsz, CBS Sports: “Very impressive.”
Jack Nicklous, 10 Major Championship Wins: “The golf elements are so REAL you actually believe it could happen.”
Greg Maddux, Hall of Fame Pitcher: “I had almost as fun watching THE SQUEEZE as i did watching the World Series!”